"World Bee Day 2022"                                                                Be engaged: Build Back Better for Bees!


The United Nations focused on the threats of protection posed by COVID-19 to bees and other pollinators. UN also urged upon bee-keeping awareness and the importance of bee-derived products. This Theme of Bee Day 2022 provides a direction for all the celebrations of World Bee Day 2022!


The food and agriculture organization of the United Nations FAO will organize a virtual event on 20 May 2022 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. By this theme of World Bee Day, the United Nations had stressed upon the protection of bees, other pollinators and their habitats.


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Bees from CAMFIL   


Bee or not to bee.......

Camfil is now home for 4 colonies. In cooperation

with Mio's Bienenwelt, the beehives have  moved into Camfil's location in Vienna. There they can make an important contribution to pollination of wild

and crop plants and diligently produce honey! 
"We have been thinking about keeping bees at Camfil

for a long time, so I am all the more pleased that we have now been able to implement this project,"
says Sascha Deifel, Managing Director and initiator of the project. 


In collaboration with

UNESCO Club Vienna  & CD Events & More

for World Bee Day 2022!